Holiday homes in Gran Canaria


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Tauro is situated in the south of Gran Canaria between Puerto Rico and Mogan (Playa). Tauro is a smaller secluded yet popular resort, well known for its lovely villas and idyllic area.

The GC-1 goes directly to Tauro from Gran Canaria Airport (30 min). You will find a local supermarket and a popular restaurant/grill serving mouth-watering local specialties.


The 18-hole Tauro PGA Championship Golf Course (built in 2006). The Arizona style course has been designed by renowned golf course designers Von Hagge, Smelek and Baril. Set in acres of lush green gardens, lakes and waterfalls, the remarkable location is what makes Tauro golf course unique.

The mountains surrounding Tauro are very popular amongst active visitors and there is an excellent range of walking routes and mountain biking trips.

The beautiful Amadores Beach is only 5 minutes away by taxi (3,60€)..

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